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In 1946, the founder and attorney Mr. Tei Ito established “Ito Patent Office”. Business as a patent office was started with a main client “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Co.” which is the forerunner of Sony Corporation.
In 1988, the year Mr. Tei Ito passed away, Mr. Hidemori Matsukuma who was the vice president and attorney became a successor, and then the name of the office was changed to “Matsukuma Patent Office”.
In 2002, the president Mr. Hidemori Matsukuma got an honorable retirement and attorney Mr. Yoshisue Tsunoda took the post of the president. The office name was then changed to “Shin-yu International Patent Firm” aiming to be a “dependable friend” of our clients
In 2008, the firm was incorporated as a patent professional corporation to respond to various needs of our clients and continuously offer highly-diversified and high quality services.

 Application support and consulting for SMEs patent designs and trademarks.
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